Monday, 28 November 2016

Burn Side Cafe, Harajuku

Order: cafe latte
Atmosphere: trying too hard

I don't know what it was about this place but everything from the Portland travel books on the wall, to the lighting and the coffee cups left a bit last week. 

The coffee was good but not fantastic. 

It's a decent sized cafe but felt overcrowded, like the people at the next table would knock into you. I wouldn't rush to go back.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Frankie Melbourne Espresso, Shimo Kitazawa

Order: cafe latte, banana bread
Coffee: 10/10, heaven
Atmosphere: small, friendly

With a name like that, I figured it was worth a trip to Shimokita. And I wasn't disappointed. The coffee was perfect. The banana bread was perfect too. I got a hedgehog slice to take home, which unfortunately wasn't perfect (it was more like coffee biscuits iced together!)

It's a tiny cafe, only three tables, but didn't feel overcrowded. The staff are lovely. I want to go back now.

Totally recommendation if you're from Melbourne and home sick or just want to have a touch of Melbourne in Tokyo. They have all sorts of treats like lamingtons.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Blue Bottle Coffee Aoyama

Order: cafe latte
Coffee: 9/10, not bad
Atmosphere: super hipster

This place is as hipster AF. The coffee is great but it's just a bit too popular, over-crowded and super noisy. It's hard to have a conversation. I'm not sure why people design cafes with all hard surfaces so that nothing absorbs the noise.

Still, the coffee is what you come for.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Gramercy Coffee, Aoyama

Order: cafe latte
Coffee:9.5/10,fantastic coffee
Atmosphere: seating but not a place to linger

I'm so behind on my coffee reviews. I went to the place ages ago. I've actually been a few times but not lately. The coffee is pretty close to perfection. The food is pretty good too.

It doesn't get crowded but the tiny tables and uncomfortable stools don't make it conducive to lingering but worth a visit for the coffee.

Website (Japanese only)

Talk and Come Again, Jingūmae

Order: cafe latte
Coffee: 8/10, not bad
Atmosphere: coffee stand, not much seating

I've been past this coffee stand a few times and not been in, mostly because I've been caffeinated up from elsewhere. Finally got to try them out the other day. The coffee's not bad, a bit milky and weak for my liking though.

The staff have a bit of an attitude, not sure if that's because they are European and just give off that vibe. I got told to move to the other side of the shop to wait after I places my order. The place is tiny, the other side is half a step to the left! Also, no photos without permission signs? What's with that.

The two stools inside where taken when I got my coffee so I sat on a tiny wooden bench outside. It's more of a takeaway place.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Little Nap Coffee Stand

Order: cafe latte
Coffee: 9.5/10, near perfect
Atmosphere: tiny and crowded

Sitting on the edge of Yoyogi park, Little Nap coffee stand is worth travelling to. The coffee is top notch. I'd say the best coffee I've had in Japan. Pretty close to perfect.

The little shop gets very crowded but then I was there on a Sunday and lots of people seemed to be grabbing a coffee before taking their dogs for a walk in the park, which is a damn fine way to spend a Sunday. It's probably less busy during the week.

Expect a long wait. They take their time making your coffee, and it's so worth it.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Buik, Aoyma

Order: iced coffee + pie
Coffee: 7/10, non offensive
Atmosphere: well off ladies doing lunch

This cafe is just a quick trip through cemetery for me so super handy. I only had an iced coffee which I find far more forgiving than hot coffee. I'm not sure why, maybe my expectations are lower for iced coffee.

The place is all white with a squiggle of graffiti on the wall. It's an instagrammer's heaven. Seriously, there was more photographing of food than eating going on. The food was pretty good though. Pie, you don't see that often enough in Tokyo.